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Forum Rules

Postby OriginRo » Wed Dec 14, 2016 10:11 pm

OriginRo Forum Rules:
Please yield to the following guidelines when posting on these forums*.

•Do not flame or spam in any form (image, text, interactive etc).
•Trolling is not allowed.
•Internet bullying, stalking and threatening is not allowed. Discussion promoting such activities will be removed.
•Posting personal information (image, text, interactive etc) without consent of the owner is not allowed.
•Do not distribute any commercial advertisement. This includes, but not limited to: Referral or 'buddy' systems, affiliate market links, survey websites, or the like.
•Do not distribute any offensive, distracting or adult content in any form (image, text, interactive etc).
•Harassment, insult and personal attack is not allowed.
•Post contain nothing but quote(s) of previous discussion is not allowed.
•Quote pyramid is not allowed. Do not attempt to make a post that contain more than 5 nested quotes.
•Do not drive a topic of discussion into another discussion. Different discussion belongs to different topic.
•Your signature must not contain any offensive messages.

The Forum Rules will apply to everything under the domain of This includes, but not limited to: the main forum boards, signatures, avatars, and private messages.

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