Is this server even alive?

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Is this server even alive?

Postby KevVv » Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:32 pm

I'm KevVv, i started playing this server the day after it opened (22 September).

Hello everyone,
I''m about to give my opinion and experience about this server.
Not trying to wreck down this server, its players or GMs..
With this i hope to start a healthy discussion on how to improve this server.
Because it really needs to improve or it will die.

Starting from the beginning... the client is already messed up.
I know the admin posted a youtube link next to it how to fix the problem that Everybody gets.
Instead of posting a weird fix... (that even didn't work properly for me)
Why not fix the problem? There are hundreds of servers without this issue.. where does it go wrong here?

Alright.... used the fix... now the Settings don't work properly..
Getting white screens. Or a super small client opens up wich is unplayable..
I can only play in Full Screen, and when i alt+tab or click outside the game.. the game freezes
this upsets me because i have to restart the game login again etc... it's just annoying.
I would like to use next to the game... as i find it usefull to look up things.
Also i see people dual clienting... Not sure if it's even allowed.. But i can't do this either with my problem.
I have contacted the admin with this issue, he couldn't help me out.

Finally into the game, started playing with a friend that already gave up on playing here meanwhile..
Noticed very few people are talking in @main chat... too few..
The community needs to liven up. Basicly a task for the GM.
Talking about GM.... I have not seen any GM for 7 days now, and the server is only 9 days old!
And i also noticed that the population never rose above 15.
At this very moment i'm typing this the server has 8 players connected. wich 3 are merchants.
For a new server this is a terrible begin.
With proper advertizing and everything around it.. you should at least hit 50+ when you commence your grand opening.
Well bad starts... they happen to almost every server nowadays so let's not look back to that..
Gotta fix this from where we are right now.

Nowadays i barely play because the community doesn't talk back.
Nobody wants to party, i have asked a couple of times.
I'm only voting for the server to raise it's ranking...

Take a look at these forums now.
There are plenty of topics that took place half a year ago.
I'm sure some are usefull... some are not..
Yet nobody is going to look back at messages from 6 months ago..
Should clean up the forums... yet that brings another problem.
The forum will be empty, wich shows signs of inactivity...
There have only been a couple of topics started since the re-opening of the server
I would like to point out 1 of them:

Events section: There will be held 3 events today. 2 pvp events and hide&seek
personally i don't even like Hide&Seek so i will not join that, but again.. that's personal
for the 2 pvp events... Why would you even host pvp events so soon?
Nobody is max lvl, Here is the ranking as of now:
Pvp and WoE would be incredible unbalanced right now.

Leading to WoE, (I noticed today, i don't know if it was there before aswell)
Well at least it states it on the Control Panel
That there is 2x WoE per week... Whilst there only is 1 guild....?

A few discussable suggestions from my side:
Again... i'm not here to be a retard, Just want to help out the server!

1: The rates are really low... It's what i personally like. but the majority of Ragnarok players go to midrates and highrates
Probably due the fact they don't have the time anymore (because RO players are mostly oldschool players nowadays)
Raising the rates... would probably upset the players that put their time already into this server.
But might save it from dying...

2: GM should be active ingame and on the forums. Even when the players are not very communicative!
They should be initiating this then.
the GMs should really come online more often, and make their presence known.
If the current GMs don't have the time to do this... consider appointing someone to take on this role.
Start new forum topics, polls and forum games if you desire, make the forum active!
I am well aware that the player amount does not shout for more GMs..
But right now it's dramatic....

3: The community... is not something we can change.. People are the way they are.
Would be great if they talked more, or play more togheter (with newbies aswell)

4: Events that are announced, but are imbalanced or have any other problem as of now...
Should be prolonged... or maybe better... be replaced by newb-friendly events.

If i think of more.. i'll make sure to post it.
Now i wonder how long it will take before anyone reads this!

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Re: Is this server even alive?

Postby OriginRo » Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:48 pm

Hi Kevv

first let me thank you for taking the time and writing this so we could improve,
Let me attend to your concerns...

Client - the client is an old client and it's on purpose, we're using that client which support our emulator, and that is because we're using old game mechanics to give the players the good old feeling of playing RO, old skins, old mechanics just plain nostalgic...
and because the client is old, new systems and opeartions systems don't support it well, that's why you need to adjust the compatibility
we won't change that because that is one of the most important things to us, and i think to the players who plays the server, that's one of the things that's individualize us as a server
and that is why we made the guide and the video guide, so people won't get into to much trouble when installing our server
about your specific problem, yes, i haven't encountered it yet, probably you missed one of the steps in our step by step guide....
i'll advice you to check it again, and try other compatibilities that maybe suit your opeartion system better.

about your remark on dual clienting, our client doesn't allow to open multi clients, only 1 client.
if you saw people dualing, it's probably because they're using multipile computers... which is very much allowed and their right.

about the community and @main chat
I must say the community is very helpfull and friendly to all, old players and new comers as one,
if someone asks for help i'm sure that more then one player will come aid in one way or another
if you're logging maybe you won't see the players use @main all the time, because they talk in their pary chat or guild chat
but if someones asks something in the @main people will answer
you can't excpect people to use @main all the time... it's abusrd.

about us the GM Team,
We're online everyday in different hours of the day, each time some other member of the team
we're checking things up seeing if anyone needs anything and we're usually getting back to people who were looking for us
you can check that with the rest of the community if you'd like,
and if none of us are online, which can happen, as we are all people and we need to sleep and eat and live...
we have other communication methods which we reply as soon as we can, like the forums, and our facebook page, which we normally reply in a few minutes in it

about the population,
on the 2nd day of our opening we reached a peak of 35 players,
yeah, some days are more down then up, and others are better,
sometimes you get a good opening, sometimes not,
it depends on a lot of variables, but we're still here, and we're not going anywhere
and the community can help a lot in spreading the word
to friends, to social groups, if they like the server vote daily (and not just for the points), give reviews on ratemyserver are one of the best tools the community can help the server grow
so I advice everyone who really like it here, and want it to evolve and grow, be a part and try to help and spread the word
we would appriciate it

and we, the team do our best in advertising in any way we can to enlarge the exposure of the server to other RO players

about your concern about partys
people look to party with other people, i see partys all over, there are almost no one who solo here,
we've implanted features to encourage partys such as 25% per player on even share, and do theh EXP NPC, a party can give him the money to increase the rates so they'll all enjoy a good party with lots of exp.
i'm sorry if you got the feeling that no one wants to party, but i've got to say, from watching from the sidelines, people party together and want to party.

about the forums
yes, we have topics that go back more then 6 months,
most of them are usefull to other players who's searching for some answers
some of them are not, they're just topics between players.
but that's part of it, and it's relavent
most of the forums have old topics, does it mean they're not relavent or needs to be taken down?
personally I don't think so...
about the activness of the forum,
it serve it's purpose, if the community would like to make it more active, they can post more topics and share more things,
it's their choise, as well as it's your choise if to use it or no, we do use the forums for announcements and news so the people can be informed,
as well as we use the facebook page, because a lot of people prefer keep updated via the facebook.

about your concerns about our events
first of all the only event that was pvp based was the tournament,
last man standing is not pvp, it's an event when you need to run from monsters and be the last one to stand, even a novice can win this event,
Hide N' Seek as well, if you persoanlly don't like it, it's ok it's your choise
and tournament - yes, that was a pvp based event, and that's right no one reached their end game, and that's ok,
always there will be someone who's more strong, and someone who still low or haven't got the right gears
at this point, almost no one got their equips ready, and their level high as they wanted, and that's what makes it balanced
and the one who invested more to lvl and hunt probably would win, same if we had this event a month later...

About WoE
War of Emperium is currently not activated, as we posted and announced, WoE will only open after there would be 3 active guilds on the server
so it will be well balanced, you saw on the Control Panel that it's WoE because that's the hours implanted for WoE to take place
it doesn't mean on the server WoE actually takes place, its not, but it's a good remark - we would change it so players won't get confused, such as yourself...

about the rates
The rates are floating rates 5/5/5 ~ 12/12/5
we have manual fields to increase exp by x1.5
we have bubble gum to increase drop rate by x2
that mean you can get to rates 18/18/10, which is pretty high
as well, party members gets additional 25% exp per party member
so if you get 12 people in a party, go to a good lvling dungen, and there is a lot considering we're at episode 11.3
you can get massive exp and level really fast without investing to much of your time since we know everyone has things to do and places to be at.
not to mention if you use the skill mr. kim is a rich man... which almost double the exp.
so i'd say the rates are good, you just need to know how to use them to your advantage,
higher then this it's medium rate, and we didn't made this server to be a medium rate, but a low rate

about GMs activity
we're active on forums as much as needed, we're more active on facebook as this is a platform more people use and it's easier for them to interact with
but we're always active on forums and helping and answering people.

about events as i said before
they are balanced, and not to mention that the first events we made were made to newbies - such as poring event with some helpfull items for newbies and such
we know how to balance things, and how to give the community the best for current stage the community at.

in overall,
as i said, first of all, thanks for taking your time writing this,
we, the GM team, do our best to give the best playing experience for our community
we invested a lot to invoate and give special things and options for the community
and slowly we hope and do our best to make it happen we'll grow and expand
and for that we need the support of each of our players, doing what ever they can to help out.

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Re: Is this server even alive?

Postby KevVv » Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:39 pm

Good points you got there...
Lots of usefull information =D

Tho about the community...
i'm afraid i'm living in the wrong timezone then..
From the few people that are online, i'm lucky if 1 person responds..
And that person doesn't want to team up with me.

For WoE yea.. the CP states it's on... x/x'
confusing much :(

misunderstood the Last Man Standing aswell then.. sorry
tought it was a FFA pvp match

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Re: Is this server even alive?

Postby OriginRo » Mon Oct 02, 2017 1:34 am

Happy to reply
About the timezones, hopfully soon enough we'll grow and you'll have more to people from your timezone to team up with

CP was fixed, thanks again for stating this issue so we can adress it so it won't confuse other players

I hope your experience of OriginRo will improve in the days to come
And if you need anything, we're always here

Good luck!

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Re: Is this server even alive?

Postby KevVv » Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:41 pm

Thanks for the fast replies!
You can close this topic, for me it's finished.

Or you can leave it open so other people can give their opinion aswell.
Or if i think of something i can post in here again.

Your call ;)

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