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OriginRo Custom NPCs

Postby OriginRo » Sun Sep 17, 2017 8:46 pm

Hey Everyone,
This topic is made all those who's intersted in OriginRo custom NPCs & Scripts
Where they are located, What's their purpose, and a quick description.

1) Gold Coin Quest:
a. you can find the Quest npc at Yuno 362,36 (south east).
b. It's purpose is very clear, to make gold coins :)
c. The items you need for the quest are - 3 gold, 300 burning heart, 300 turtle shell, 50 cloud crumb.

2) Old Card Album Quest:
a. You can find the "Card Collector" NPC at Yuno 291,215.
b. It's purpose is to make an Old Card Album - up to 3 OCAs per character.
c. Worn Out Page - 50, Squid Ink - 50, Powder of Butterfly - 50, Star Dust - 5, Old MagicBook - 1, Worn-out Magic Scroll - 1, Torn Magic Book - 1, Torn Scroll - 1.

3) Exp Investor:
a. Located at prontera 147, 175, just beanth the fountain.
b. He can increase the Rates of the entire server to 12/12/5 for 2 hours.
c. He will need 5mil zeny, or 5 gold coins to increase the rates, each donation made to him will be announced server wide for everyone to know how much zeny\gold coins are left to increase the rates.

4) Lord Luthbrok:
a. Located at prontera 142, 171, beanth the fountain on the left sidewalk.
b. He will tell you about the custom dungen Gefenia and will help you make the key to enter.
c. You will need - 20 little evil wings, 10 iron ore, 5 witched starsand & 20k Zeny. that will get you the Forbidden Wings of Icarus, once you obtain the wings, go to geffen dungen level 5, in the middle you will find icarus, he can use the wings to take you to gefenia.
Note - Gefenia as different spawns on OriginRo then in the official, check it out to know what's waiting for you in there.

5) Weekly Zeny Treasure Box:
a. Randomly spawns in one of the cities.
b. It contains a random amount of zeny between 100k to 1mil.
c. spawn time is every saturday at 14:00 Server Time, the spawn location will be announced on the server when the box spawns, happy hunting :).

6) Hunting Quest Master:
a. You can find the Hunting Quest Master at prontera on the right side of the fountain.
b. You can get from the NPC hunting quest on 4 different levels - easy, medium, hard and extreme.
c. each diffucilty has it's own rewards, and to advance to a harder diffucilty you must finish the previous hunting quest (Easy -> Medium -> Hard -> Extreme) - For more details speak to the npc.

7) Team Battle Coordinator:
a. You can find him at prontera 167, 162, a bit down from the fountain on the right sidewalk.
b. You can sign up your party to a a battle of 4vs4 , 5vs5 or 6vs6.
c. the npc will coordinate between 2 teams who signed up and accepted each other challenge, the first challenger will place a bet sum to his choosing, and if a team decieds to accept the challenge they will enter our team battle arena to fight for honnor glory and of course ZENY !!
please read carefully the "How does it work" part when speaking to the npc before starting a fight.

8) Survival Challenge NPC:
a. You can find him at prontera 140, 162, on the left side walk just beanth prontera fountain.
b. You can sign up for a survival challenge (Test Your Might or Test Your Luck | Solo Or Party).
c. You can choose a Solo Challenge or a Party Challenge, Every person who signs to a challenge need to pay a 30k zeny fee (Party Leader needs to pay for each party member). there are 2 mods of challenge, Test Your Might - Clear your way around a 100 waves of monster to recieve the grand prize, or Test Your Luck - Random mobs Jumping out of thin air, Are you lucky enough to get the farthest?
At the end of the week, on saturday at 17:00 server time, The winner are announced and can claim their Zeny (The 30k each person pays for entering fee is piling up and make the winning jackpots).
Please read carefully the rules and guidelines before entering a survival challenge.

9) First Reward Account NPC:
a. located at prontera on the right sidewalk, just beanth the fountain.
b. used to collect the reward for OriginRo's first 100 accounts.
c. first 10 accounts will recieve 50k + OPB & the other 100 accounts will recieve 30k + OBB.

10) Reward Points NPC:
a. Located at each major city near the main kafra.
b. Used to redeem your reward points for items.
c. 2 kinds of rewards points - Voting Points & Hourly Points - Talk to the npc for more info.

11) Npc Dontaion NPC:
a. Located at each major city near the main kafra.
b. Used to redeem your donation credits for Gold Coins, As well as using the gold coins for hedagears & packages.
c. Read the Donation Section or talk to the NPC in-game for more information.

12) PVP Warper
a. Located at each major city near the main kafra.
b. It's purpose is pretty obvious.
c. used to enter OriginRo PvP Arena.

13) Ticket Boy:
a. Located at prontera 184, 213, right side from the fountain near the entrance of the weapon shop
b. He will take your tickets recieved by completing Extreme Hunting Quest or finish Test Your Might Challenge, and will put them to use for you.
c. Available Tickets - Reset Status Points Ticket, Reset Skill Points Ticket, Safe Refine Ticket, Card De-Slot Ticket.

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