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Lookie Lookie

Postby HypeR » Fri Apr 14, 2017 12:12 am

Hey folks,
so, lets do some bussniess :) (everything is negotiable)

Trading my:
+4 Chain mail of ares (peco card) for peco peco card (will add 200k)

Drainliar Card x2
Matyr Card x1
Mantis Card x1
Kobold Card x2
Ring[1] x2

What i have to trade (have a few of each item):
Kattar of frozen icicle
Coats[1] (alot)
Chain Mails[1]
Saint's Robe[1]
Sky Deleter Card (only 1)
Magnolia Card (only 1)
Steel Chonchon Card (1)
and of course, ZENY

reply here, or PM in game - nickname is HypeR

thanks :P

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